Our History

Who we are ?

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When we started XYZ in 2019, we didn't have much, but a lot of ambition : Improve African lives through technology.

The first year, we were building websites that we sold for $100 each. We tried to integrate Paypal, but we realized that 42 countries/54 in Africa didn't have access to Paypal Business account that allowed you to simply collect money.

Then one day we thought, we could spend all our life creating websites, it would not change much to Africa.

We had a bigger vision, The E-merchant Card technological revolution on the continent allowing all countries to receive payments from their customers around the world.

The fundraising & E-merchant Card Project

Year 2020

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We launched fundraising and were joined by over 200 investors who invested almost half a million USD.

That's when we recruited our first engineers, rented bigger offices, and did all the things that startups do when they raise money. We had 3 problems (Covid-19), the inability of the employees to produce results, and finally the customers who were not aware of their problem.

We realized that for the success of a company, you need 3 essential things: Talents, the market ready to buy, and capital. We had the capital, but we didn't have the talent or the market. It took us 2 years to solve this equation. Then, in the end, we realized that the market size was small. To bring E-commerce to Africa or to digitalize the continent, you need more than just a card. You need qualified staff, access to electricity, roads for logistics, etc. .... (many things that are missing in Africa).

Africans have more urgent problems like access to electricity, feeding themselves, having more efficient and less expensive health services and more importantly need millions of jobs.

The Pan-African Investment bank

Present day

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Today, we have a greater vision, with a forward-thinking team of professionals dedicated to building the world"s largest Pan-African investment bank. Our mission is to assist the top 1% of entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of establishing businesses across all 195 countries and territories worldwide.

Our driving force is the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for economic growth and job creation. We are committed to helping visionary entrepreneurs create and maintain not only wealth but also vital employment opportunities for our diverse population of 1.7 billion across Africa and the diaspora.

Join us and change the narrative.

sign Anderson Anonzo Founder & CEO