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We are investing 12 millions USD in SMEs across Africa & Diaspora

Our values and goals

Due to Covid-19 a lot of SMEs are struggling financially, As a Pan-African company, we are determined to provide fundings in order to help them re/boost their growth;

The application is open to 14 African countries (in green) and Africans Business Owners in Diaspora (France, Belgium, Germany, England, Switzerland, USA & Canada)

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Our offices across Africa

Coming soon in 14 Countries


AddressAlliance Tower

Rwanda is our Headquarters; We started the company in 2019 with the mission of creating a better Africa through Technology.


Address31 Chilembwe

We started our operations in Malawi in 2020 to access the southern African countries (Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe & South Africa)


AddressNew Bagamoyo
CityDar es Salaam

Arriving in 3rd position, it's a gateway to the East African market with its population of 54 million and its 10 neighbouring African countries.

Our Pillars of Development

Solving African Problems

At our core, we strive to exceed expectations. These are the four pillars that ground the work of Africa XYZ :

  • Made in Africa

    We help entrepreneurs making Made in Africa to promote their products/services giving them visibility by displaying their products across our distribution network.

  • Digitalization

    We are helping entrepreneurs to digitalize their companies since 2019.

    Our goal is to become the number 1 partner of companies and entrepreneurs in Africa in their digitalization process.

    For example with our “Go Cashless” solution, we help companies to digitalize their customers journey by issuing “Digital receipt” straight on the mobile phone of the customer and by sending promotional SMS.

  • Payment solutions

    In Africa, 42/54 countries don't have access to a Paypal Merchant Account or to a Payment Gateway like Stripe, which makes it difficult to do E-commerce.

    That is the reason why we created the E-merchant Card to enable entrepreneurs to sell their products & services worldwide and receive their payments everywhere in Africa.

    Those who are running their shops through Facebook, Instagram pages or WhatsApp, have the option of sending a Payment Link to their customers.

  • Jobs Creation

    our goal is to create 2000 jobs in the African community worldwide between 2021 and 2023.

The big family


Our company success is driven by teamwork, not just by individuals because it takes a combined effort to meet monthly targets and KPIs.

View the team


Founder & CEO

My job is to define the vision of the Company and building team to achieve it.

Berwa Oda

Country Manager of Tanzania

My job is to define and drive expansion in Tanzania and lead features for customers.

Mandela Wilson

Country Manager of Malawi

My role is to oversee the operations of Africa XYZ in Malawi.