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International forum on Job Creation in Africa (Senegal 14-16 July)

Giants of Africa : Shopping malls in 14 countries

Addressing access to finance for small businesses

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Unlocking Africa's Potential

Our mission and Goals

* If Africa sustains and accelerates structural reforms, some believe the continent can emulate China’s rapid rise of the last 50 years.

* Africa is home to 700 companies with annual revenue of more than $500 million, including 400 with annual revenue above $1 billion

* McKinsey predicts $5.6 trillion in African business opportunities by 2025.

* Africa XYZ, Pan-African investment bank supporting Giants500 in their growth and expansion across Africa and beyond.

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What we provide ?


Access to Talents

Key #20,000

Our goal is to bring in 20,000 engineers from around the world to Africa to bring their expertise and help transform/turn these companies into African giants.

Access to Markets

Key #300K Jobs

With the Operational Phase Of The African Continental Free Trade Area launched on July 2019, based on the number of countries involved, it's the largest free trade area in the world.

Access to Capital

Key #$500M

Our goal is to facilitate access to financing for Giants 500 companies by creating a $500 million fund, with checks ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

Countries of Operations

Our presence in Africa

We help build companies that are creating Wealth and Jobs for our Billion population across Africa and the Diaspora :

The big family


Our company success is driven by teamwork, not just by individuals because it takes a combined effort to meet monthly targets and KPIs.

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Founder & CEO

My job is to define the vision of the Company and building team to achieve it.

Abessolo Michelle

Board Partner

My job is to provide a vision for future growth while navigating day-to-day obstacles.

Jerry Valsin

Board Partner

My job is to provide the strategic direction for the design department in advancing the organization to its potential.