The Giants 500 and how we will built them together...

International forum on Job Creation in Africa (Senegal 14-16 July 2022)

Giants of Africa : Shopping malls in 14 countries

Addressing access to finance for small businesses

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Unlocking Africa's Potential

Our mission and Goals

We're on a mission to build the largest Pan-African Investment bank in the world.

You have the power to support us not only financially but you can also use your knowledge in developing our portfolio businesses to make them successful and sustainable.

Africa XYZ may make you good returns but more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to support innovators who are building an African future where wealth and jobs are within everyone’s reach.

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What we provide ?


Access to Talent

Key #20,000

We help Giants 500 companies access the best talent in the world. Our goal is to bring 20,000 engineers from around the world to Africa who will bring their expertise to help create the next generation of African giants.

Access to Markets

Market$5.6 trillion

With operations in 28 African countries, our goal is to make it easier for Giants 500 companies to access different markets in order to help them seize the $5.6 trillion worth of business opportunities in Africa.

Access to Capital

Key #$500M

We facilitate access to finance for our portfolio companies by signing checks or helping them raise between USD 100,000 and USD 1 million to help them accelerate their growth and expansion across Africa and beyond...

Solving Africa's biggest challenges

What we do ?

Our top 5 objectives will shape Africa by 2030.

  • 1- Education

    Train and provide jobs for 300 million youth: By 2030, Africa will have more than 300 million youth in the workforce. Our goal is to solve this problem now by funding the training of 30 million youth per year.

  • 2- Gender equality

    Promote gender equality by training girls and women, encouraging their participation in business management, and facilitating access to capital for women-led businesses.

  • 3- Financial services

    Provide digital financial services to 1 billion Africans: In 2022, only 48% of the African population have access to banking services. Our goal is to leverage fintech to enable and expand access to a wide range of financial services to one billion people by 2030.

  • 4- Access to Energy

    Provide electricity to 530 million people: More than 50% of the African population lack access to electricity. This does not make sense because Africa is the continent with the richest solar resources in the world. We will provide Financial support to private distribution companies and solar energy companies depending on the results obtained in terms of access connections and network extension.

  • 5- Agriculture & Agri-business

    Agriculture and Agri-business: To become the largest investor in sustainable and innovative agriculture in Africa to create an Africa that feeds itself and the world by 2030.

Do you want to help tackle Africa's biggest challenges ?

The big family


Our company success is driven by teamwork, not just by individuals because it takes a combined effort to meet monthly targets and KPIs.

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Founder & CEO

My job is to define the vision of the Company and building team to achieve it.

Abessolo Michelle

Board Partner

My job is to provide a vision for future growth while navigating day-to-day obstacles.

Jerry Valsin

Board Partner

My job is to provide the strategic direction for the design department in advancing the organization to its potential.