Welcome to SBA (Small Business Acceleration)

Are you a startup or a Small Business ?

Africa has more than 40 million Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), yet there is a significant lack of jobs for our youth.
However, if we focus on helping just 3 million of these SMEs create 10 jobs each year, we can generate up to 30 million jobs annually.

That's why we're proud to introduce the Small Business Acceleration (SBA). Our mission is to empower small businesses and startups by giving them access to essential resources such as talent, markets, and capital.

We'll provide you with all the support you need to succeed, including:

1- Access to insights & guidance on launching your business, covering admin, partnerships, customers, and more.
2- Access to training and resources to help you generate $10k-$15k per month.
3- Access to an interest-free loan (up to $50,000) to develop and expand your business*.

To learn more about this opportunity, schedule a Zoom meeting with us using this link. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to make a difference.