Africa XYZ is building the 1st ever Pan-African investment bank that will invest in companies creating wealth and jobs for our billion population.

Giants of Africa (GA 500), the malls across 14 countries that will bring together the 500 most successful African companies, are going to create 250,000 jobs.

“On one side, we have young/professionals complaining that there are not enough jobs, on the other side, business owners are complaining that employees are not qualified enough, that is the reason we created Ubuntu University, to train 250,000 professionals needed every year for those companies.

The courses are made online, where the trainees can benefit from the expertise of experts in the Diaspora and Executives across the continent.

If you’re a professional wanting to have a career in the investment bank or to work in one of the 500 Giants, register here : africa.xyz/ubuntu




You can register now through the following link : africa.xyz/ubuntu. We cover 90% of the registration fees.


During 3 months, you will receive training from experts and executive across the continent and in the Diaspora


Tests & Interview

At the end of the training program, you will pass tests and interviews in order to be hired in one of the companies


  • Investment Banking

    Introduction to Investment Banking Career - Salaries, Jobs and Scope

  • Business Development

    Learn everything on how to grow and expand businesses

  • Building & Construction

    Receive training on large-scale building projects.

  • Internet of Money

    Introduction to decentralized financial system and fintech

  • Digital Marketing

    Take advantage of the digital market opportunities across Africa and the world

  • Business Administration

    This will includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.