Our goal : 500 Unicorns by 2030

Giants 500 (2023 edition):

Africa XYZ is proud to introduce: Giants 500, an ambitious initiative aimed at fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in Africa by creating 500 unicorns (startups valued at $1 billion or more) by 2030.



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The project's goals and strategies include:

1. Annual Selection

Giants 500 carefully selects 50 high-potential startups each year to receive up to $1 million in investment. These startups are chosen based on various criteria, such as innovation, market potential, scalability, and social impact.

2. Access to Talent

Giants 500 is committed to providing startups with access to a pool of talented professionals, entrepreneurs, and mentors from various industries and regions. The initiative helps startups find and attract the right talent to support their growth and development.

3. Access to Markets

The program aims to help participating startups enter new markets and expand their customer base by providing them with market research, networking opportunities, and exposure to potential customers and partners.

4. Capacity Building

Giants 500 supports startups in building their capacity through mentorship, training, and knowledge-sharing sessions. The program focuses on enhancing the skills and capabilities of founders and their teams in areas such as business strategy, finance, marketing, and technology.

5. Ecosystem Development

Africa XYZ collaborates with governments, private sector entities, and other stakeholders to create a supportive and enabling environment for the Giants 500'startups to thrive. This includes advocating for policies and regulations that foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

By focusing on these strategies, Giants 500 aims to play a significant role in transforming Africa's entrepreneurial landscape and contributing to the continent's economic development.