We have assembled a team of 500 analysts to review over 10,000 companies across Africa to ensure no major company is left behind.
That's why we set the due diligence fee at $950 (400,000 NGN)

What are the criteria?

1- Provide 'Made in Africa' products or services
2- Have a minimum of 2 years of existence
3- Have the ambition to conquer Africa and beyond
4- Have a competitive advantage (Do you have proven expertise in a particular field or proprietary technology or proven brand awareness or a dominant position in your market .... )
5- Have a trust capital with customers.

Information to provide ?

1- Office location
2- Number of full-time employees
3- Sales for the last 12 months.
4- List of shareholders and % of the company.
5- Certificate of incorporation.

Note: The due diligence fee does not guarantee that you will be added to the Giants 500 and is not refundable.

The due diligence fee will allow us to do some due diligence to ensure that the information you provide is correct (office location, years in business, client lists, number of employees, what makes you unique, do you have expertise in a particular field, seniority in the field or brand strength, etc....).

A team will also visit your offices to talk to the management and take pictures of the place.

Please note that the number of places is limited to 40 per country and the deadline for applications is August 30, 2022.